Why ISIS hates France so much ?

Apart from the extremist mindset and ,Global agenda of ISIS ,these two main factors are the key in understanding the hatred of ISIS against France.

Charlie Hebdo

The satirical weekly magazine goes over the board in the shed of freedom of expressions .On two occasion Charlie Hebdo baghdaditurned blind in the obsession of mocking Muslims most loved and respected  figure Muhammad PBUH ,in doing so they received two terrorist attacks one in 2011 and second in 2015 ,in which 12 people were killed, including Charbonnier and several contributors.

No justification of killing of innocent people  can be given but ISIS believes that killing french is now their religious obligation.So that act of Charlie hebdo might well have cost more lives than we know.This prespective of hatred OF ISIS must be understood to properly eliminate their terror threat and barbaric killings in France .

Operation Chammal

There is no doubt that France is very active NATO member .Apart from USA ,the french troops are in the largest presence ,and after USA their planes are more than any other European country.The Opération Chammal is the name of the French military operation, which is currently battling in Iraq to contain the expansion of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant the ISIS and to support the Iraqi Army.

So its easy to understand why ISIS is so angry at France .

What should France do to protect their citizens and keep promoting their military agenda ?


2 thoughts on “Why ISIS hates France so much ?

  1. I agree with your general analysis about how it is that France has become a target. Other factors are historic: the Sykes Picot Agreement in the mid east area now dominated by Syria Iran Iraq Saudi Arabia but also on to include Jordan Lebanon Israel and Egypt. Britain was / is also party to that Agreement and to its aftermath = the entire Imperial disaster of ignoring TE Lawrence’s advice but to foist an hegemonic rule on diverse tribal cultural and differently inclined religious peoples by implanting pseudo monarchs to fulfill colonial aspirations. The disaster increased in the 20th century as the wealth of the area became obvious to all world powers particularly America and along with the urge among people to have charge of their own destiny = a principle advanced by so called democratic societies but especially stated in the Constitutions of both the USA & France.The area became and continues to be prone to usurpation terror and turmoil with the post Imperial powers often only standing by as new arising and changing regimes changed perspectives. The old Imperial powers found themselves sidelined and deliberately told or inveigled to back off by the USA flexing itself to its own advantage as a power broker with the set up of Israel, in Egypt about Suez, in Persia/Iran over Mossadecq & instating Shar Pahlavi, the endless surrogacy of an Arab / Israeli conflict, and then when Hussein wanting to be paid in Euros threatened the supremacy of the Petro$ – the ultimate knockdown into chaos: Bomb Baghdad rip up Ur and any True Believer in MonoTheism.

    The USA & America is now a long way away and getting there by boat or plane is surely now more difficult especially since desperate Mexicans are finding it more and more perilous to get in overland.

    Part of France’s Imperial hegemony includes Djibouti and it is from there that “birds” / drone strikes are targeted on “objectives” = who or what becomes a “jackpot” to those sitting in an air conditioned room looking at banks of “intel” that could result in a “jackpot” = possibly a known target declared as an enemy to be assassinated by engagement in a “war” carried on outside of terms of the Geneva Convention.
    Unlikely that those perpetrating this mayhem are likely to sit together on a carpet take tea and chat about relative values of combining as an acronym – EUISISUSA.


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