Why America needs Trump as president

It might sound as a surprise but I’ve come to this conclusion after closely looking at all other candidates that Trump is although a somewhat arrogant look a like person but he is more suitable and capable for USA ,in current world and American political climate .
lets see what are the core reasons behind this decision.

Trump is strong .No matter what his ideology is ,you agree it or not ,there is no doubt that Donald Trump is strong enough to express his views in public with utmost conviction .He can take criticism . When you look at other candidates and especially when you look at President Obama there is majority perception that he is weak.Obama lacks that killer instincts that a successful billionaire businessman ,like Trump would have in abundance.Also he has no fear of failing or shame.Yes its a two way sword but I ‘d give it a try rather sit as sitting duck.

Is it about immigration or religion,or Muslims Trump has been the man who has uttered his views in a controversial manner.Again one would say he is too controversial or he would be to anarchist ,he would create chaos or instability.I would rather say that for far too long USA and world is waiting for something to happen or rather undecided about so many issues like Iran nuclear program ,like Russian expansion ,like Israel ,Palestine issue,North Korea, or India Pakistan and Afghanistan war issue .lot has been done that has tarnished American reputation.America is considered around the world as super killing power.It has to change and someone like Trump can change it either way ,he can destroy it all or he can make things happen .

Again whether you agree it or not he is consistent about his thoughts and ideas .He like other haven’t tried to change himself into someone acceptable or likable. he is the same amateurish,loud,bravado type and constant in his thoughts .You need to have the kind of conviction to be supreme leader ,he has that better and more than others .What he needs is bit more sense and logic in his team .

He was or perhaps is a bit of a conman.There is that trait ,many of us would hate .But think about it when dealing with so many other cons you need to have a super con .He knows inside out how democracy acts,how politicians bought other politicians and media etc .There is whole lot of massive corporate bad stuff that he knows and he is probably involved in it .SO a super con is better than a naive ?

Success is the sign of eligibility .Whatever your say about money ,not many can achieve the kind of success he had achieved .But its not about the amount of money he has but the kind of decisions he had to make to win those critical situations.So he is experienced ,he has seen it all or have see it most if not all.Success is a sign of eligibility ,whether it is in a different profession i.e business.

A mega successful businessman cannot be a top hit unless he has that risk sense . A lot of us have sixth sense but I’d say that its a risk sense .When you know you can loose a lot but you can gain a lot more too you are in a spot.Trump had been in many such scenarios . would rather bet on him when a need to use atomic bomb or critical economy decision,a major world political shift etc .You need someone with that gambler attitude ,It might backfire but why not give it a try ?

He can make or break USA.


2 thoughts on “Why America needs Trump as president

  1. You’re a complete moron. He filed for bankruptcy too many times. You talk about his sense of “risk”? That’s a terrible sense to have as president. You want our pres to be a gambler? The last thing you do is flip a coin to determine the future of a country. And he’s WAY to outspoken. He’s clearly a bigot and racist, anti-immigrant and pro-war. He wants to deport 11 million illegals and break apart their families instead of making the process of becoming legals easier. He wants to track american-muslims in a databse, that’s exactly what Hitler did with the jews. He wants to build a god damn wall across the border of the US and Mexico. Is he stupid? He will destroy America. He is not attuned in the law and policy-making trait that we need. He is unqualified, he doesn’t care about political correctness which in his case is a bad thing.

    Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who’s honest, cares about nornal working people, is attuned in the political process, isn’t racist, isn’t a bigot, is anti-war unless no other option (in other words, he is not a pacifist but not warmongering either), he rejects big money and Wall Street special interests, actually cares about the future of the next generations and their education/jobs and the future of our planet.

    Anyone who supports Trump is either a complete idiot or too detached from reality to notice the person he or she is supporting


    • You are moron not been able to understand that at current world and American political scenario similar personpersonalities will fail to cope with core issues. You don’t know a lot about business every other successful business have filed for bankruptcy every now and then. Successful people most of the times make things happen. He will create jobs then he will need more immigrants this current anti muslim and immigrants rant is a political move to keep right wing with him. I like bernie sanders he’s a good bloke. Good agenda but he’ll never make it niether he is that strong a character to challenge the establishment


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