The ideological and strategical difference between ISIS and Al-Qaeda

We tend to think that both Al-Qaeda and ISIS are similar in mindset and procedure.That is the one  grave mistake the western security officials are continuously making.In this article we’ll try to debunk that same,same,similar ,similar theory .
Bin Laden viewed his terrorism or his Jihad as a introduction to a caliphate he did not expect to see in his lifetime. His organization,Al-Qaeda was flexible, operating as a geographically non central network of autonomous cells.Osama bin Laden franchised terror and branched it out. He targeted his action to gain specific political concessions, such as the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Saudi Arabia.

His followers navigated the modern world confidently. , they shopped at Walmart and ate dinner at Pizza Hut or McDonald’s.They were mostly highly educated personals.The current head of Al-Qaeda whether he’s alive or dead Ayman- al -Zawahiri is master’s in surgery.Al-Qaeda’s purpose is to politically stabilize Muslims.They want to remove Israel armies from Palestine .There is a section within Al-Qaeda that was against taking innocent lives for the cause .
laden ,baghdadiISIS
Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s ISIS is a different organization.Their beliefs are probably same on few issues but their strategies are totally different.ISIS believes that they are the force or group of Jihadis that’ll help out Mehdi a central figure in their apocalypse theory .Their vision is based on Prophet Muhammad PBUH  narrations and hadiths .When Mehdi get defeated few times , Jesus shall come back to earth again and defeat anti Christ.Al-Qaeda never mentioned any thing like that they never mentioned apocalypse .

ISIS are conquering Iraq because they think that place called Dabiq will serve as the war zone.Also the strategy of Islamic state is different from Al Qaeda .Islamic state decided to forge and create a safe heaven where they can operate and implement their sharia law.Al-Qaeda is loosely spread out all over the world.ISIS enslaves people and firmly believes in it.Al-Qaeda never said anything about it publicly .ISIS purpose is more inclined towards after life rewards.

So to beat both the organizations ,one must need to understand that the world powers cannot use same strategies for both of them.The main weapon that is the mass production of terrorists is the injustice,anger,frustration,lack of direction,US invasions,base camps etc  in the native countries of these terrorists, where more and more youngsters are attracted towards such activities.Kill that mindset ,that brainwashing and half of the problem will fizzle out then tackle with what left.Isolate them,form within i.e Muslim communities and decrease their ideological support.That is the way forward if the western world does not want to see the kind of terror occurred in Paris.


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