Britain air strikes on ISIS,money well spend or wasted ?

There has been a rather split view on England’s air strikes on ISIS heavens in Syria .One anti war group is strongly opposing this notion of dealing  fire with fire .On the other hand people who are afraid of ISIS potential threat are willing to agree with this massive spending as an investment.

Anti strikes version 

An estimate suggests that a single air strike mission will cost Britain , a total of £ 508,000 .This money could easily be spend for saving human lives rather than taking it,it does not matter if they are terrorists or not.Killings and more killings would eventually ends up in creating more violence .anti

Also those £508,000 could be used for ,for the pay of 20 paramedics,20 Teachers,20 Police officers,19 nurses,18 firefighters and 18 junior doctors.Why waste money on deaths if we can save lives with it ?One more factor to consider is we are not sure that ,the strikes would hit the right targets and we could easily be killing innocents ,who would be responsible for those deaths?

Pro strike version

It is easy to jump to a ‘soft’ conclusion that save lives rather than take it with weapons and violence but bitter truth is that we can’t sit back and see more deaths in hope of peace and in search of less violence.If one single air strike can cost £508,000 whether it’s a true figure or not ,it is actually saving those 20  paramedics ,20 Teachers lives,20 polices officers who could be injured in a possible and probable attack on them,19 nurses who could get injured , and so

It’s never a easy decision to bomb people ,but for Britain ,their public safety is their first priority .Britain’s first and foremost priority is British innocents not Syrian innocents.


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