ISIS killing more Muslims than non Muslims.Rukhshan Meer

The tragic incident which left at least 120 dead in Paris on Friday (Nov 13) is the deadliest attack in Europe since the Madrid train bombings in March 2004. It was really a  heart shaking and depressing news for me, my prayers and thoughts are with the victims of this ferocious attack. Almost every country of the world conveyed their grievances towards the people of France but due to ISIS taking the responsibility of the attacks many people on twitter are slandering Islam and they believe that these bloody slaughterers (ISIS) are Muslims. But no they are not.laden ,baghdadi

The self-styled militant organization founded in 1999 by Jordanian radical Abu Musab al-Zarqawi “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” have nothing to do with Islam and its teachings. The British and US Governments are among those using the acronym ISIL, while the name ISIS has appeared more often. The fact is that more Muslims are killed by ISIS than non-Muslims, they have killed 100,000 Muslims in the past two years and now they targeted Afghanistan in 2015, they only want to equate their barbarism with religion. Just think of it for a while how many US troops are killed by ISIS in Afghanistan? Not at all, they only targets very practicing Muslims in Afghanistan and here are some examples from different regions:

-On September 5, ISIS executed three Sunni women in Mosul. What was their “crime”? They refused to provide medical care to ISIS fighters. – On September 9, ISIS executed a Sunni Imam in western Mosul for refusing to swear loyalty to ISIS. – On August 2, a man from the Salah ad Din province was abducted and beheaded for refusing to swear allegiance to ISIS. -On August 19, a female Muslim doctor south of Mosul was killed for organizing a protest to object to ISIS’ mandate that female doctors cover their faces with religious veils when treating patients -On August 31, 19 Sunni Muslim men were executed in Saadiya for refusing to swear allegiance to ISIS. -On July 22, a Sunni Imam in Eastern Baquba was killed for simply denouncing ISIS. -On September 9, ISIS executed two Muslim women by shooting them in the back of the head. Their exact “crime” was not known. (facts by United Nations report) The main motive of Israel and western backed ISIS is to reproach Islam and slaughter people in the name of Islam to defame this religion. Religious scholars across the globe states ISIS as non-Muslims and they have no part in any religion. Our religion Islam is the religion of peace, harmony and love as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) preached and as mention in the holy book Quran   that “one who killed a single person, killed whole mankind.”(5:32) After these brutal attacks by ISIS Muslims belonging to every school of thought came on the same page with a same opinion that Muslims are not terrorists and they have nothing to do with ISIS and their funding. Their funding is being done by Israel and other anti-Islamic states. May Allah throw these animals and supporting  powers  into the hell.

RukhshanWriter is a student of mass communication with marketing major at University of Central Punjab. He writes about social issues and current affairs. He tweets @rukhshanmeerpk


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